A Brief History of the Company...

PECOFacet is a part of CLARCOR Inc's Industrial/Environmental Filtration segment. CLARCOR Inc. is a billion dollar plus holding company specializing in filtration and contaminant handling solutions. The various CLARCOR companies offer one of the broadest ranges of filtration and contaminant handling technologies available in the global market place.

The PECOFacet name was formed following the acquisition of Perry Equipment Corporation (PECO) by CLARCOR in 2007 and by merging PECO with Facet International, acquired by CLARCOR in 1999. The merger of these two companies has strengthened PECOFacet’s presence as a global leader in filtration and separation throughout the world, and has expanded the range of marketed products to our customers.

At PECOFacet we are proud of our history!

Perry Equipment Corporation (PECO) was founded in Lubbock, Texas in 1936 by Marney Dunman Perry Sr. The company was originally established selling bypass lube oil filtration for compressor engines. Mr. Perry’s son, Marney Duman Perry Jr., started working for his father as a drafter, welder and salesman but left to fight in World War II. Upon his return he resumed his role with the company and started calling on the natural gas distribution and processing markets. During this time Mr. Perry Jr. took over ownership of the company and was credited with inventing such products as the filter-separator, quick opening closure and the cyclotube. Through his leadership PECO became a filtration & separation leader in the natural gas market. In the late 1990’s Mr. Perry Jr. developed and patented a truly unique method of manufacturing synthetic filter cartridges known as PEACH®. The PEACH manufacturing process has spawned even more innovative product development to help solve customers' filtration needs.

Facet International was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1943 under the name of Warner Lewis. During World War II, the U.S. Department of the Navy contracted with Facet to find a method of removing water and solids from Aviation fuel. The result was the first Aviation Coalescer. From there Facet continued to grow creating products to serve aviation and marine markets.